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9/27/12 10:04 pm - Making good use of my time

And doing things that help others in one way or another. One new project is a web site for the Tama County Humane Society, nothing fancy, just something to help them out and get information about the animals out there. If you want to look, go see and try not to fall in love!


9/7/12 10:46 pm - Everyone who can, help out with this!

Let's get the information out so we can stop this from occuring! http://www.seashepherd.org/news-and-media/2012/09/07/pgande-seeking-approval-for-seismic-testing-on-californias-central-coast-1435#.UEq96ej3ept.twitter

9/5/12 10:17 pm - Our new member

Has her new name now! All the boys in the family have a name that starts with J, and the only girl has an A name. When David and I picked out a girl's name when I was pregnant with our first together, it started with an A, so I suggested that for the dog who is female. I'm not having anymore children, so it was kind of a joke, especially because we couldn't figure out one that sounded good.

The dog has a white mark on her that looks like a lightening bolt, so David called me earlier and suggested Athena. Zeus was her father (lightening bolts) and so the dog is now named.

9/5/12 04:14 pm - Newest member of our family

Her name is Lydia, subject to change at this point in time. Wonderful dog, sweet girl, very calm, very loving.

9/4/12 10:29 pm - Time to open my home?

I've been quite hesitant to have any animals in my house for quite some time for many reasons. One huge part of those reasons are my 3 boys. They can be rambunctious, destructive, and at times violent. I have worried what they would do to an animal if we had one. My daughter had a cat from the age of 3 to the age of 7, and I know she'd do fine.

The humane society here in town is being remodeled and one of the volunteers was in a store at the same time I was today, and mentioned people were needed to keep dogs for the night while the floor is being replaced. I asked questions, and figured it might be a good time to test how things would go. If things don't go well, ok, the dog is going back anyway.

I talked to the kids, and told them how things would need to be if we got an animal, and for the first time in months, they cleaned up their own toys, rooms are cleaned up, shoes are cleaned up, the yard is cleaned up. Also, when I told them being rowdy in the house wasn't acceptable they listened.

I talked with hubby, and we both agreed, if we don't find the right dog for the family at the humane society, we're not going to keep one even for the night. If the animal has an accident, we have to get rid of whatever was peed/pooped on, since any other animal would smell that and want to add their smell to the mix to cover up what they're smelling. So, I guess we're going to be looking into getting a critter tomorrow, possibly two if we can find the right cat and dog.

9/1/12 09:51 am - Virus alert!

Several people have been getting direct messages on Twitter from a person they follow saying they are famous with a Facebook link.

If you get one of those, delete it, DO NOT click on the link, it’s a virus. I want everyone I can warn aware of this. Keep your computers and your information safe!

8/30/12 10:10 am - What's going on?

A question we should all ask ourselves every now and then, when we hit certain moments in our lives, have feelings that don't quite make sense, and aren't making sense to ourselves.

I'm asking this of myself this morning, and also of some others too. With me, I feel like I'm losing something. Alright, time to evaluate things. What am I really losing? Nothing really, but things are changing around me. My daughter turns 13 tomorrow, so I'm losing my little girl, and gaining a young lady. My oldest, my helper, my genius, and yes, my pain too. She is wonderful, and I wouldn't trade her or her assets to my life for anything.

My youngest is 3, potty training, and going to preschool. So I am losing my baby, and gaining my big boy. He is my last baby, and of course that is a big deal, I don't care how many children you have, when the youngest or only child starts heading towards not being a baby, it does something to you. Yes, we want them to grow up, but it does wrench the heart strings when it happens.

So, those two things are big, and are really the issues that are making me feel like I'm losing something. I've also been "talking" with a few people that I want as friends, people with their heads screwed on straight, not trying to show off, really care about others kind of people. Some of them are done with certain things in life for the most part, and that makes the feeling that I'm losing something intensify even more. I understand the points that have been brought up, they are annoying, and for the most part shouldn't even be on the table for others to deal with.

But here's my question. How much of this has really changed? Celebs have been essentially forced to be nice to and accomodate others in order to keep fans happy since the start of celebrities. Nothing new there, even if the person is off balance in the head, trying to just gain attention for themselves, etc. There's always been at least one person who has crossed the line, said something inappropriate, done something over the edge, asked for more than others are comfortable with. And yes, I agree with those who are uncomfortable just to be clear.

But truly, what has really changed? Not much that I can see. Yes, more people are being inappropriate, trashing others and lying to make things look more positive for themselves, but that's been around for as long as I remember. You learn who to avoid, and who is out to just use you as a rung in their ladder of success. Even if that's in their own mind. So really, what has really changed?

8/28/12 02:21 pm - Fangirl angst

Now I guess there's been some clawing and spitting on Twitter lately, and for most who aren't aware of the background of things, I've got a bit of insight as to why. I said a bit, so don't expect my guts on here, lol.

The person starting in on the other person is a friend of a lady who attended ChiCon. Starting person will be person 1 from here on out. Other person will be person 2, and the lady will be, heck, let's stick with lady.

Ok, so the lady was someone I was supposed to room with if I could attend, I wasn't able to, so she had to find another avenue to stay and be able to afford everything. Apparently person 2 was rooming with someone, and the lady was told she could room with them if she chipped in $50 and she could sleep on the FLOOR. Really? Wow, hope nothing got broken with that wonderful charity. O.O

So, person 1 isn't happy with person 2 for obvious reasons of treating others like crap, and has hit her limit for the time being. I feel for the most part it should be dropped, it isn't doing any good at all, but like I said, people hit their limits and blow off steam. Not always in the right way, I've blown up on Twitter more than once myself, but we're human, so there it is.

8/23/12 04:42 pm - It takes two to make children

This is the comment my husband made to me earlier today. There is a apparently a new reality show where the women leave town for a period of time. He told me about this, and didn't like that I started laughing. I don't mean a chuckle, I mean I was laughing really hard. As he glared at me I informed him of some information that he wasn't aware of, which didn't make him any happier.

In the Old Testament, the women left while they were menstrating, when they were "unclean", and I asked him how he thought the children and males were taken care of. His answer, "It takes two to make children." Ok, this from the person who does basically nothing with the kids if it's not them sitting on his lap while he's watching tv, or having them help at times when he's working on things.

I told him he needed to drop it, seeing as how I'm the one who cares for the children the two of us made, and it was pissing me off.

8/19/12 10:14 pm - Come and gone

In May I found out MS was going to be at Chicago Con and told my husband I wanted to attend, since the dates of the convention were right around my birthday. I wanted a day or two away from the house, kids, laundry, cooking, dishes, groceries, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. I wanted time to remember life is more than running after this child, cleaning up after that child, answering the phone, getting MY honey do list, planning meals, and keeping the house running and in order.

I NEVER ask for things like this for any number of reasons. For one the cost, for two who will care for the kids, and for three, the house would probably drop if I left my husband here alone with all the kids. Don't get me wrong, he is a good man, he provides for us, works very hard, keeps the maintenance up on the house and so on. He doesn't cheat on me, or hurt me, but he's just not really good about taking care of the kids. Not enough patience or experience with actually dealing with all the day to day needs they each have.

Having said all of that, I was told he would make going to the convention happen. He knew how important it was to me, knew I wanted and needed time to just me, to be just me and not "Mom" for a short time. He told me he would make it happen one way or another, and I was counting on it. Well, real life hit, and I was not able to go. I did have a good birthday, got some money from my mom, who told me to get something just for me, which I did. I had a bit of time to shop and not worry about what each child is doing, etc.

I did however get a call from my husband during the shopping asking me when I was coming home, the kids needed food, drink, etc. and he was busy. *eye roll here* Annoyance from all get out at the time, still irks me a bit, but I finished what I was doing, didn't hurry, and everyone survived. Get home, took care of lunch, etc, got pictures taken of what I got myself to show my mom what I got, and the rest of the day went like any other day. Me cleaning up after MY cake, doing laundry til damn near 11 at night, etc. Happy Birthday to me.

Today was even better! Do this and do that, make sure husband is happy, and don't forget ice with that. Cook, clean, run up and get him clean clothes cause he can't do it before he gets in the shower like the other people in the house over the age of 7, laundry, help him pack his lunch, clean things, etc. Oh, and don't forget the honey do list, with him calling me, telling me things he forgot, things I now get to take care of, running here there and everywhere to cover his butt.

Anyone wonder why I wanted to get the hell out of Iowa for a day or two?? Away from him?? Time for me?? I love him, but so help me, if I don't get drunk quickly it's gonna be on. I am very happy for those who were able to attend, and had a good time. Just wish like the dickens I could have been there, if for no other reason, to get out of this house and my housekeeper/waitress/chauffeur/bookkeeper job for a day or two.
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